You know the drill, it’s a roast chicken, you do it all the time.


Some suggestions for flavourings :


  • Did you try sticking a lemon, garlic and rosemary up its date to cook it? If not, give it a go.
  • Did you try slicing off a pat of butter, mashing it with salt and thyme and shoving it up between the skin and the breast before bunging it in the oven? Try it.
  • Did you use a pastry brush to spread melted duck fat all over the outside and give it a good go with salt and pepper? Nope? Totally worth the $5.95 for a tub of duck fat, you don’t use much.

You will be DELICIOUS

Here are 10 quick ways to use the roast chicken.


You could cook 2 at a time and use leftovers in subsequent meals. Ready?


Chicken in field

Running Free, gathering flavour


  1. As roast chook, served with roast potatoes and whatever veges you can get them to eat.
  2. In BREAD ROLLS with butter, salt and pepper, an awesome picnic dinner or a Friday CBA dinner
  3. Shred the chicken, stir it through hot buttered PASTA
  4. Chop it, serve it with plain rice (NO SAUCE)
  5. Chuck it into a SOUP, chicken stock, mini noodles, chunks of chicken. I have been sent so many chicken soup recipes by helpful friends that it will get its very own post with variations
  6. BURGERS – serve it hot in burger buns with cheese and pretty much that’s about it, and maybe tomato sauce in a tall glass with a straw for sauce lovers
  7. QUESADILLAS! – grated cheese and shredded roast chook between two tortillas in the pan for 30 seconds each side. Serve with avocado, if you want it outright rejected…..
  8. PIZZA – oh yeah, with pizza sauce for sauce lovers, with cheese only for sauce haters
  9. In SANDWICHES for school the next day.
  10. Wrap it in some PASTRY, egg wash on top for a nice golden finish, in the oven for 20 minutes

ready for oven chickens 2 chooks roasted