Friday Night is Pizza night


Since tomorrow is Friday, which in many areas of the universe is unofficial Pizza night, I thought today would be a good day to do a pizza post, yes? Yes!


Pizza Oven


Pizza is excellent because it is quick and the kids can help. I cannot recommend having them make their own pizza’s highly enough, as they are much more inclined to eat them.


So this is more of an exercise in food psychology rather than a recipe.


The bases – you can buy premade pizza base at the supermarket OR use Lebanese round breads, OR you can make your own dough OR you can go to the bakery first thing in the morning (our local one is good for this) and buy a kilo or half a kilo of bread dough to roll out.




Jamie Oliver’s pizza dough is here, give that a bash if you are feeling like it.


My 5 best pizza toppings




  1. Ham and cheese (with or without the tomato sauce)
  2. Proscuitto, mozzarella, garlic, rocket and balsamic vinegar – from Fussy Little Husband and mine favourite pizza place, Bar Reggio
  3. Shredded roast chook, mozzarella (with or without the tomato sauce)
  4. Cabanossi, ham, mild salami, mozzarella (with or without tomato sauce)
  5. Cheese (for when they were very small and super fussy)


Best idea is to clear the bench or table, put out the ingredients (including a spatula for sauce lovers) and SUPERVISE!


I also add cheese to the edges before putting it in, they are getting much better at this but they used to make ingredient towers in the innermost 25% of the pizza and leave nothing on the edges