Little O has recently discovered that he likes pesto! Hooray for Chef Jay. Its a modern miracle. He calls it “Special Pasta”

Do you have any idea how much other healthy crap you can hide in pesto?

Here are 10 suggestions

Baby spinach
Any nuts your kid isn’t allergic to
Mashed avocado (put in at the very last minute because it will go brown)
Capsicum – green


Garlic and Pine Nuts

Basically anything that isn’t red or purple and you can dice up REALLY small. Some of these you might want to flashy fry in a bit of oil first.

Sliced Broccoli


Its probably a good idea to make your own pesto if you have a food processor or a whiz bang Tupperware shredder and you can make a big batch and freeze it and will cost all up way less than buying the stuff in the jar with preservatives.

This is not exactly for the fussiest of eaters but when I was reminded on pesto pasta I had a hankering so I took photos as I cooked.

Finished Pesto Pasta



Little O's "Special Pasta"
A green pesto pasta that you can hide veges in. Yum
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For the Pesto
  1. A big bunch of basil
  2. A garlic clove (or more if you like it)
  3. Olive oil - enough to make it saucey and sloppy, start with 1/4 cup and add more
  4. Salt
  5. Pine nuts - a few tablespoons
  6. Parmesan cheese, a small handful
Optional things to add
  1. Broccoli
  2. Bacon
  1. Fresh or dried, half a packet
Make the pesto
  1. Put the garlic and pine nuts into the mini food processor/nut bowl if you have one and chop down
  2. put the basil into the food processor and chop down
  3. add all the other ingredients with the oil last to make a lovely shiny sauce
Cook the pasta
  1. Put the pasta on to boil
Optional bits
  1. I sliced the broccoli in the fine slicer of the food processor and diced up 200g bacon
  2. Fry up the broccoli and bacon for a few minutes in olive oil or butter
  3. When the pasta is cooked combine with the pesto and any optional extras you snuck in.
  1. I made this for the grown ups because we fancied it, I didn't even try a green sauce pasta for the kids, maybe when they are more.... receptive.
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