Vegie Smugglers

A fantastic Website, cookbook and active Facebook page. Does as they suggest, hiding vegetables in food just to get some nutrition into them but some of these recipes are out there because GREEN things are visible, and we have a hard time with green.  They have ebooks as well.

Vege Smugglers


Planning With Kids

She has an App, a great Facebook Page, a book, but doesn’t talk just about food, she has a busload of kids. She is about organising and being a good Mum and staying on top of the healthy food. Her App has some pretty good meals in it, I have used it a few times.

Planning With Kids

Jessica Seinfeld

She has written 3 cookbooks and I have had mixed results with these, lots of food Aussies are not familiar with. Yes putting mashed cauliflower in food does increase the vegetable intake BUT if it messes with the texture so much they don’t want to eat it, then its debatable if it was worth doing in the first place. Yes maybe I should have tried harder, or used less mash. 


Deceptively Delicious

Antonia Kidman

There was always going to be a Kidman or a Freedman in here. Look how happy they are. I have not actually seen this but it came up when i was searching to see if anyone has used my desperate, lowbrow approach. Facebook page is here. Not updated very often. One helpful quote on the front page of their site is “Research shows that nearly 8 out of 10 parents have a fussy eater in the house, so you’re not alone” and that makes us all feel a bit better.



CSIRO Wellbeing Plan for Kids

This is pretty good, this is a low fat mostly carb approach if that floats your boat. It’s written by the sciency folk at CSIRO but they recommend seed oils in the diet which has recently had a lot of debate. Great photography, makes it all very appealing in the way that a good cookbook should.


CSIRO Wellbeing for kids